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The Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina web page for making payments automatically checks a box to start recurring payments. This checkbox is buried in the middle of text and very easy to overlook.

Every time you make a payment, you have to explicitly find this checkbox and disable it. That's dishonest.Second, when you try to cancel recurring payments after accidentally enabling them on a payment, the web page form tells you that they can't be cancelled because a payment is in progress.

I'm a web programmer; this does not have to be true. And when I called customer service, they claimed to disable recurring payments even though the web site said it couldn't be done.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #727893

The problem is not web coding. The problem is legally by law once a payment request is entered for EFT payment on same day/next they can't cancel it.

It has to do with Federal Reserve EFT regulations. Now as for the hiding the check box yes, that's a bit out of line.

However as always when making a payment you should review the whole page and not just assume the company is not signing you up for auto-payment.

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